Series of VIX, Gold, Silver ETNs axed by Credit Suisse

Jun. 22, 2020 11:16 AM ET|About: VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX... (TVIX)|By: Brad Olesen, SA News Editor 

Credit Suisse has moved to delist and suspend further issuance of a series of ETNs that deal with volatility, gold and silver, to "better align its product suite" with "broader strategic growth plans."

Further issuance of the NYSE ETNs will be suspended effective June 22, while the Nasdaq ETNs further issuance will be suspended effective July 3. NYSE ETNs may trade up to July 10, Nasdaq up to July 2, and will remain outstanding following that period with the potential to trade over-the-counter.

The list includes VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX short-term ETN (NASDAQ:TVIX), which is the "first time ever" that a $1B ETP, or exchange traded product, was delisted and the first time ever that the top performing ETP of the year was delisted, according to Bloomberg Intelligence's Eric Balchunas. TVIX was up over 200%. 



一早就看到這個消息,心情不太美麗。Credit Suisse一向是槓桿交易和波動率ETP的大盤商,這次收手不玩讓我有點意外,不過至少Credit Suisse選擇的是正常的預先通知,而不是突然因為公司財務狀況而放生商品。


之後TVIX的成交量應該會慢慢轉到UVXY或VXX,我個人的看法傾向這是Credit Suisse個別公司的決定,應該還不至於影響整體波動率市場。